About Us

About Us

Non-denominational Christianity.  What does that mean?  What does it look like?  Why is it important?

In today’s religious world, there are a plethora of options.  Within Christianity, denominations abound, all with differing beliefs and practices.  Many have taken what is the simple truth and teaching found in the New Testament and added to it, changed it, and in some circumstances, made it unrecognizable from the early church founded by Jesus. 

As a group of Christians in the north Gardendale area, we desire to be nothing more than the type of Christian you read about in the Bible.  For that reason, we eschew any denominational affiliation or label, we are not affiliated with any other church, we have no creed book except for the Bible itself, and we look to God’s word for our source of authority rather than to man. 

Why?  Because that’s what we find in scripture. 

It’s really rather simple.  You could put it another way: God-made religion, not man-made religion.

If you would like to simply follow God’s word and pattern as revealed in the New Testament, and if you would like to worship God free from denominational ideas and traditions, then this church might be for you.  Or if you would just like to know more about what it means to simply be a Christian, then come visit us, call us, or email us.  We would love to help you any way we can in your effort to serve God.